Eden Clay Shooting Academy

Eden Clay Shooting Academy

Try clay target shooting! It is fun and exciting, challenging too!

You have a clay target club right here on your doorstep Eden Clay Targets Shooting Academy is situated in the forestry station at the end of the Redford Road in The Crags.

Nothing gets hurt in clay target shooting, degradable clay disc are thrown at speeds up to 100 km by machines called “trap machines” and these are then shot with a shotgun with a very fine grain pellet cartridge.

Scoring is easy, you get 25 targets in a round of clay target shooting and each one you break gets you a point – so a perfect round or a “straight” would be 25 points. Straights are very elusive, come try your hand ?.

Clay targets are divided into two main categories, singles and doubles. In singles one clay is thrown and you may shoot 2 shots at it to get a kill,  while doubles, either thrown one after the other, or simultaneously still gives you two shots and two targets, depending on the discipline of clay target shooting you can either shoot both shots at one target or have to shoot one shot at each.

Safety, shooting and clay target shooting, in particular, is the safest sport of all sports, except chess ? – there has for example never been any injuries in shooting at the Olympic Games, its one of a few sports that has a 100% safety record.

Safety is not by chance, everyone involved in clay target shooting is safety conscious, it’s a culture that breeds in all clay target clubs, and Eden is no exception, and we always have Range Officers at every shoot, be it club, provincial, national or international, safety is the name of the game.

Eden Clay Target Shooting Academy is open most Wednesdays and Saturday but for training any day is possible, call us now and let’s book.

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