Heritage Walking Tour

Heritage Walking Tour

Starting at the 70,000-year-old Nelson’s Bay Cave on the Robberg Peninsula, we journey to the Bitou Municipality HQ for a display on the Portuguese vessel, the Sao Goncalo, which sank here in 1430.

Next we visit the boundary stone set up by the Dutch Governor of the Cape Colony, Baron von Plettenberg in the 1770s, followed by a visit to his Timber Shed, built in 1778.

We then proceed across the road to the Old Rectory Hotel, which — as its name suggests — was the Anglican rectory during the British Occupation in the 1800s.

Passing by the Anglican Church of St Peters (designed by the Bishop’s wife Sophie Grey, we proceed to the Beacon Island Resort to examine the Navigational Beacon and the harpoon gun and blubber pots of the short-lived whaling station at the beginning of the 20th Century.

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